Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ten Things to Smile About: January 2013

January was fast and frantic and ended up with The Athlete suffering through the flu for a week. The perfect way to recap and remember the goodness is the very first Ten Things to Smile About for 2013. 

Ten Things to Smile About: January 2013

A weekend getaway to the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Bedtime prayers with my sweet, sweet boy
Cleaning and refreshing our long neglected home.  2013 is a brand new year!
 Ziplining for the first time.  Amazing.

Costa Rica

Keeping up with the kids via email and FaceTime while i was out of the country.  There is definitely some upside to technology.
The zaniness that is of Bob
(formerly known as The Princess)

Basketball season
 The exteme beauty of where we live

My wee little cookie machine

The reminder to recall my Ten Things come from Emmy Mom. She always makes me smile, too.

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Emmy said...

Looks like you totally made the best of your business trip to Costa Rica! So fun! I have never been zip lining I think it would be a blast. And you looked so hot at that Palm Springs Film festival.

Sorry the month ended up with the flu-- so many people have gotten sick this winter.

Thanks so much for always linking up


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