Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ten Things to Smile About: December 2012

The end of anything always makes me sad. I am not good at goodbyes. December and 2012 being over is hard to take, but my feelings of gratitude for good health and a happy family to move into the new year offset any sadness. We have big things in store this year. Mark my words.

Ten Things to Smile About: December 2012

That rascally elf, Arthur, returning to our home to give us some laughs and heighten the happy anticipation of Santa's arrival.

How everything just seems jollier in December. Reindeer antlers intended for the dogs cracked up all of us one afternoon for a long time.

Noel Night at our church. The Princess sang with the Cherubs Choir and it was angelic. I never take these moments for granted.

The return of basketball season. Go Aztecs!!!

How dang excited the kids were to welcome Nana and Pat for their holiday stay. This little boy was trying so hard to be patient. He could NOT wait to greet our guests!

Christmas cards. We love Christmas cards and the Princess put her own unique spin on our display . . . {ahem} this year

The most precious friendly beast in the school Christmas pageant.

Simplifying our giving a little and still having way more than enough to go around. Thanks to Emily at JDC we had great tags to accompany our four gifts for each child.

This dog on a bench in front of us during an outdoor organ concert in Balboa Park. I'm not sure that ever in my life can I look at this photo and not smile. He was just the coolest dude around that day.

May January give you millions of reasons to smile and hope for the year ahead.

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