Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Deal

We had only met a couple of months before his birthday but I was frantic to find a great gift for him.  My future husband was back in California and I was in Florida.  Birthdays are big deal for me and I couldn't let his pass without him knowing how head over heels I was for him.  Later I figured out that he didn't care a thing in the world about anything that I sent him, but at least he'd known that HIS birthday was a big deal to me.  Eighteen years later his birthday is still a big deal to me.

He is handsome and ridiculously intelligent.  He is kind and patient.  He is witty and sometimes he's downright hilarious.  His eyes are still my favorite thing about him and he is an amazing dancer.  He married me with all of my faults and has made me better.  He is the most amazing Dad to the most amazing kids in the world.   He is everything I wanted then and more than I ever thought I could hope for.

He's my husband and today's his birthday.

He's a big deal to me.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Montoya.  I love you

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