Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten Things: August 2011

August is always a fun and busy month for us.  We celebrate LOTS of birthdays, wrap up our summer, spend time outside . . . I can honestly say that we may do more "living" in August than any other month.  This year set a new standard for that because the month seriously zoomed right by us.

We ended a trip to Florida at the beginning of the month, did a couple more sports camps, worked a little, played a lot and took our annual camping trip to Yosemite.  Somewhere in there we wedged five family birthdays, the circus and the baptism of our sweet niece.  Yep, busy.

The day after we returned from our camping trip I couldn't wait to upload all of my photos, edit them and share them like crazy.  Yosemite is a dream for a photographer (not that I am).  Well that very day my computer DIED.  D.I.E.D. never to be resurrected.  I was devasted for a little bit, but not willing to give in to the notion that it was the end of the story.  I am praying that the component that I found online will let me move everything from my undead hard drive to the PC in E's office.  The photos I was able to retrieve for this post are still on my camera or I have emailed somewhere and could pull up.

And no, I didn't back up my hard drive.  Not one of my ten things to smile about.  But here are the ones that top the August list for me this year.

Ten Things ~ August 2011

My very privileged kids enjoying SIMPLE fun

Celebrating 90 years of life for E's beautiful Grandma

The precious blessing of our tiny niece C's baptism

My funny kiddos playing Lion Tamer with each other and using the lions' names they heard at the circus. 
 "Down Tikka" "Roll Over Tikka" "Here Tikka"

Our very old dog enjoying his vacation

E's unwaivering patience and tenderness with me as I struggled through camping.

Riding a bicycle every day for a week with my family and enjoying the beauty of God's creation over and over again

Finding an accessory (FINGERS CROSSED) that will let me retrieve all the files from the hard drive of my laptop that is dead!

A sweet little haircut and a visit from the Tooth Fairy to start first grade

This seriously ridiculous video of The Athlete reenacting the bear in a skit from Yosemite.  I have no idea why it cracks me up so much when he does this, but it's even better because he has sloppy joe plastered on his face and his eyes look exactly like his Dad's.  I tell him to "charm me" and he does.  I just can't help but smile and smile
Ranger Ned Show reenactment


Emmy said...

That video is funny! Fun to hear your voice too. I have never been to Yosemite- looks beautiful. I like camping for one maybe two nights at most- then I am ready for a real bed. Oh I so hope you can retrieve things from your computer! I would cry. E's grandma looks great and is beautiful. Thanks so much for always linking up

Lourie said...

BHAHahAHAHA! That is hilarious! And your grandmother is most def beautiful!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

These are great...I'm afraid that I'd need to be helped through camping too...ick.

We do a lot of living in August too...I kind of love it!


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