Thursday, July 28, 2011

Peace and Love

When I'm not doing laundry and shopping at Costco I am a meeting professional. That claim doesn't mean much to me of late. I've been committing too much time to the wrong kinds of projects and it has zapped me of any enthusiasm or energy. I love the work but haven't been loving the workING.

Last Friday I landed in Florida and I am
partying like a rock starattending a conference hosted for and by meeting professionals. It is a genuine treat to see so many people who have the same passion for their work and some of the same problems. Really, if you want to have a good time you should spend time with people who entertain for a living. It's been terrific. Im feeling more optimistic and energized about my career than I have in a long time and today has been the icing on an extra tasty cake.

Since I do spend so much time doing laundry and shopping at Costco, I am a pop culture retard. I don't watch much television and had no idea who Kelly Cutrone was before she walked onto the stage in General Session this morning. She has (or has had - not positive about this) a show on Bravo! and was on The Hills. She also runs a super successful PR business primarily for big time fashion industry clients. Well okay!! She did a scripted Q&A today on the main stage about her methodology for success and the parallels of the madness of high fashion events and our profession's client events. It was good.

The afternoon was a more intimate Q&A where she said it was OK to ask her about motherhood, men, business or any combination of that. She is extraordinarily witty, and hilarious, and genuine and freakin' brilliant. Her business prowess is admirable, but what she said that I loved is this

"I am building power (through her business efforts and media reach) so that I can make a difference. Love and peace are leaving the world and I have to change that."


Because I haven't ever seen her on TV or been exposed to her before I will have to take everyone else's word for how intense she can be. What I know is that she is really, really warm and nice. I know because I went to her book signing and she took time to talk to every single person that stood in line for her. We talked about my dress and her daughter. Such is such a lovely person.

I had missed the boat on buying her book after she spoke the day before. and guess what? The lady in line next to me gave me her book. She said Kelly really inspired her to do something better and she wanted to do that for me. And the I told Kelly what the lady did and she gave her a brand new book. How's that for making a difference?

The five days here have been long and I am bone tired. I could go on and on about all of the crazy stories she told us about her life in the fashion business and how she compares the cost of staying a few days in a suite at a Disney hotel to purchasing a car in Iowa but I really think you should buy her books. My world is already better because I met Kelly Cutrone. Peace and love to you <3 br="br">
P.s. This is 3 days later than I intended. We're in North Florida with family now and there's not a lot of wifi access in these parts. We'll be keeping it simple for the next several days.

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Emmy said...

I have no idea who she is either :). So yea, you aren't the only one. Sounds like it was a great conference.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Glad you're having a good time...that can't always be said for work events. Are you going to ASAE's annual meeting next month?

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I watched her briefly on The Hills and loved her "no nonsense" attitude. She wasn't there to coddle...she was there to teach and even if she had a sour look on her face sometimes (just look at your picture), she was real.

Sounds like a great time and I love bringing peace and love back into the world...great post.


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