Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten Things

I am a little tardy to the party. Please forgive me. At the end of the month I was lying on the sand in Maui without a second thought for my computer and my blog. June, however, was another fantastic month for me and my sweet little family.

So better late than never, I am linking with Emmy for Ten Things to smile about in June

(1) A weekend getaway and good times with good friends

(2) Perfecting my home recipe for pineapple mojitos
(3) A great ending to a great school year 

(4) Little boys that don't care they didn't get a trophy.  They just like playing together.

(5) Spending an afternoon at home with my sweet nieces and relishing in kids enjoying time together

(6) Date Night at a U2 concert

(7) Taking my two favorite people to Disneyland to celebrate the beginning of summer

(8) My mom being able to spend a week in town and being a great head counselor of "Camp Nana"

(9) Lying on a beach in Hawaii with my one and only and having NO WHERE to be and NO ONE waiting for us.  Even one day was heaven

(10) The blessing of our Princess and celebrating her 7th birthday with a family that loves so completely.  Happy, Happy Birthday my little love.


Emmy said...

Yes, so glad you still played along. So jealous of Hawaii! Looks like you had a fun girls weekend- jealous of that too :)

Glad your kids both had good school years

The Tame Lion said...

Absolutely wonderful!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wowzers! You had an awesome June ! Fabulous pictures too! Happy birthday to princess. Sweet pictures of your kids. I hope you have an awesome July too.


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