Saturday, October 30, 2010

What's Not to Love

You say. "what are your plans for Halloween?"

I say "I don't love Halloween."

The clever costumes elude me and scary stuff freaks me out. I am not a huge fan of my kids walking to strangers front doors and asking for candy that I will throw away after Christmas. Halloween is not my LEAST favorite thing in the world, but I don't love it.

And then the four of us are around the island in the kitchen. They're scooping and he's carving. The oven is heating for pumpkin cookies and the television is not on football or the Disney channel. Seeds and gunk cover the counter and both of my kids are laughing at their Dad.

I don't love Halloween, but for tonight there's nothing not to love.

1 comment:

MiMi said...

I don't love halloween either, but I love the kids enjoyment! :)


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