Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I'm on a business trip this week.  My husband is on a business trip this week.  We're both a little bummed about it.  One kid has free dress.  The other one has a project due and baseball practice.  And a social studies test.  And no Halloween costume.

Got Random?  I'm all over it.

I keep being very proud of myself for getting all the laundry done and then can't quite bring myself to take the clean clothes out of the basket, fold it and deliver to it's true home.  That doesn't really count as being done, huh?

It's been raining in Southern California for a solid week and I am over it.  A solid week except for Sunday afternoon at the Athlete's baseball game.  I look like a raccoon who vacationed on the surface of the sun.  Not a good look when it's pouring rain a mere 12 hours later.  It's more than a little odd.  The Athlete said to me this morning "um, Mom - maybe you should have taken off the sunglasses or put sunscreen all over your face".  He's a lot funnier when he's not right.

My family leaves in three weeks for vacation in Hawaii.  I've been telling myself for the LAST three weeks that I should stick to a diet of twigs and berries so I won't be miserable in a swimsuit for that whole trip.  I ate half a pint of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch on a conference call today.  There's always tomorrow . . .

The dog has been laying under my feet all.day.long.  I've rolled over his legs twice with the office chair and he still hasn't moved.  I should be grateful for the unconditional love.  I think.  I really just wish he'd be that still and quiet in the middle of the night insteading of snoring and begging to go outside.

Go see the UnMom if you're feeling random, too.



Keely said...

I have 3 baskets of 'done' laundry sitting in our living room right now.

MiMi said...

Coffee heath bar crunch. Drools.

shortmama said...

My laundry always stops at the basket...its frustrating

Emmy said...

Well I never officially finish the laundry then. Our office has become the home for piles of laundry


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