Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Green!

My first born angel boy has been pitching on his fall ball team and he looked amazing at this weekend's game. In the two innings that he pitched he struck out three batters, gave up two in field flys (one that he caught) and a line drive directly back to him that he snagged easily. The last series of photos on the link below shows his smirk after catching the line drive and his team congratulating him on keeping all runners off base for two straight innings. There are just some moments as parents that feel better than others and Sunday was a definitely good one.  I am genuinely grateful to the Mom who volunteered to take photos of our team.  The images that she has captured of my son in the last two weeks literally bring tears to my eyes.

Terrific Team Green Photos

And if his athletic prowess weren't making me so VERY proud I would brag about his 6 A's and 2 B's in his first month of third grade or his cleaning out his piggy bank for a charity they're collecting money for at school. This little boy has always been something truly special for us and September is no exception.

Thank you Dear Lord for the precious gift of our son.



MiMi said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!! What a great kid, mama!!

KID said...

Love those pics - his little sly smile is the best. Be proud mom, be very proud!

shortmama said...

Great shots!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow those were great shots and I love his smile. He is adorable. Woo hoo. My hubs was a pitcher all his little league life and in college. My son wants to pitch too. We shall see :)

Kim said...

That is awesome! Great picture to remember his great plays.


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