Friday, December 5, 2008

Update for Prater Family

I checked in with my girlfriend Laura this week to see how she and her family are doing. They were going to do additional xrays of Ema’s chest this week to see if the cavities were still present in her lower lung. Her update is below. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. I trust Laura and Tony to do what is very best for their girls and think that maybe our prayers could even be for their sanity. God Bless them for staying in with their three ladies at such a busy time of year. That’s a job!!!

Have a great weekend wherever you are!

Ema's good, thank you for checking in. Last week’s appointment showed the cavities are still there, as expected. Her blood work is looking good, but
Infectious Disease is getting concerned about going into week 7 of this antibiotic. Can cause issues that are rare, but they'd probably happen to us. It's a marathon - we really won’t know whether they'll need to take part of her lung until Spring. In the meantime, we need to protect her from getting any upper respiratory infection. With that, Halle has also been pulled from school. Such a bummer for her - she LOVES school. Devyn has strict hygiene rules when she gets home. We're trying to live in a bubble
as much as possible. No Santa visit, no Birthday party (the twins turn 3 on the 12th), no holiday parties, no outside visitors and reducing exposure to others as much as possible. Our Dr. is concerned about the influenza virus, which could be dangerous for her. Taking it all week by week and trying to be patient. It's a lot of family bonding until we get to Spring and hope that our lives go back to normal.

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