Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pray for Ema, please


Ema made it home to celebrate Christmas with her family. Surgery went better than expected making her recovery less painful and easier on her little body. Thank you all for your prayers for Laura, Tony and their girls.


If you regularly visit our blog, you know that we have been praying for our friends the Prater Family. Their daughter Ema was hospitalized in October for complications from pneumonia. A battery of tests revealed that she has cavities in a portion of her right lung that are an invitation for infection. While they don’t know yet how or why this is occurring (the high dosages of antibiotics mask most diagnostic cultures) they have determined through constant monitoring that Ema will require surgery on Friday morning.

From the CAT scan, they know that surgery will require taking at least the upper lobe of her right lung with the possibility of also impacting the middle lobe. The surgery is rare and challenging as they will access her lung by separating her ribcage through an incision in her side.

Please make an effort to take time from your holiday schedule to say a prayer for this family. Ema needs our prayers for strength and recovery. Her sisters, Devyn & Halle, need our prayers for comfort and reassurance. And most of all, their parents, need our prayers for the strength to watch their baby suffer knowing it’s for the best, clarity of thought to navigate through all of the details and faith that a divine plan will be revealed to them in time.

I urge you to share your love for your own family and friends. Life moves so rapidly that we forget sometimes (I am the MOST guilty of all) that every moment is delicate and any one of us may well need prayers sometime soon for a tragic loss or unthinkable fear. God Bless you at Christmas, and always.

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