Monday, November 10, 2008

Please Pray

Our friends, the Prater Family, have sent us a prayer request. I am in turn asking you to pray for them, too. I worked with Laura at Ingram Micro in the late 90’s and she and Tony were our neighbors in Las Flores. They are a wonderful couple and parents to three gorgeous little girls. Devyn is 8 (with a crush on Max following a late summer BBQ : ) and their twins Halle & Ema will turn 3 in December. Their family sacrificed a lot to conceive their girls through IVF and this family praises God every day for the special blessing of their daughters. Below is a frantic note from a mother who has been at the hospital with her little girl for over a week. I spoke with her this morning and while Ema is not currently a candidate for the surgery, the stakes are higher. They’ve found that they can’t simply drain the abscess, the surgeon will need to take part of this baby girl’s lung. She is currently on high doses of antibiotics and steroids and they are taking every day with a wait and see approach. Please pray for the healing of Sweet Ema and for patience and strength for her parents and loved ones. Don’t forget to hug your loved ones today.

ema has been in the hospital at mission, choc since monday with complications with pneumonia. figured out today that she has a pulmonary abscess the size of a tennis ball. very serious surgery required - transferred to choc in orange. please pray and pass along. she needs prayers for recovery and her strength.

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