Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ten Things to Smile About: April 2014

Ten Things to Smile About: April 2014

Being present by consciously enjoying where I am and running as much as possible.  LOVE IT

The specialness of the Lenten season.  I only make it to one service of Stations of the Cross each year, but   it touches me every time and is a Lenten tradition I will always cherish from this time in our lives.  The significance of Lent is really a special time in my heart. And I made it ALL THE WAY through without one mishap in my sacrifice of shopping.

Weekly bouquets of fresh cut roses from our garden


Spending a couple of nights in San Diego.  The kids and I have loved joining E at the end of the week now that he is working on a San Diego based account and we especially love hopping on the train on a Friday afternoon.

they pack for themselves and YES she is wearing a bathrobe

Our first Padres game of the season

A home cooked dinner that our sitter helped my people prepare for me.  Very yellow and delicious 

Stumbling upon the greatness that is Kid President. I shared his video earlier in the month HERE and found more that I shared with the kids later.  They especially liked Pep Talk.  He's my new hero!

This photo of our kids and our two dogs.  We lost sweet Kate the day after this was taken and I am so grateful that I snapped this photo before they all hopped out of the car.

Giving some extra love to our Hope.  She's gotten lots of attention, car rides and exercise this month!

Happy, healthy kids who delight in a milk shake after practice and prayers at bedtime.  We are blessed beyond words that they're here and they're ours.

  The world seems particularly cruel and unsettled to me right now and I am holding onto what's mine as tightly as I can.  Every month is a gift that may never come again.  God Bless all of the dear families all over the world that are missing their kids tonight for whatever reason.

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