Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ten Things to Smile About: February 2014

Ten Thing to Smile About: February 2014

Discovering Winter Dream Tea Lattes at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and using a 5 year old gift card that I thought had $5 on it and actually had $25.  This double revelation made me smile a few times!

Sticking with my new found love for running and staying focused on being totally present in our neighborhood and in my own life.  I love the scenery, I love how I feel, I love the chance to think without interruption.

Bringing home a stack of books from the library and Bob being just as excited as if I had appeared with a giant stack of candy bars.

The seriously thoughtful, slightly too extravagant gifts that Mr. Montoya gave me for Valentine's Day.  I am a little embarrassed by his generosity, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.

Our weekend getaway to Yosemite and the first time for the kids to ski and snowboard.  The getaway was perfect for us and everyone loved our time in our favorite place.

Celebrating the Athlete's 12th birthday.

An impromptu girls night with the cousins.  Good wine and great company is a big treat on a school night!

These darling little boys and their Mama being in town.

Bob and her constant canine companions.  She even borrowed her Aunt's dog for a little puppy loving after soccer!

A blessed morning with my dearest friend.  We have seen the seasons of each other's lives change multiple times and I am elated that she is in a place of peace and happiness in her journey.  I love being with her and loved our morning together. 

Emmy Mom always reminds me to count down and I am grateful for her organization and steadiness of schedule.

Emmy Mom
Emmy Mom


Mrs. Match said...

Score! I love finding money like that. Plus, coffee cards just make me smile! You can indulge without the guilt.
I love bringing home library books. Isn't it the best when you have a little bookworm? We put toys and books out for Piglet, and most of the time he chooses the books! I love that.
Yosemite looks gorgeous! I really want to make a trip up there soon.

Emmy said...

Oh how awesome that you had extra money on your card that is definitely a fun surprise. Glad you were spoiled, you deserve it :) Lucas has become a totally book worm and I love it! Those beach shots are so pretty. I often wish we lived a little closer, it takes us about an hour to get to the beach. I would love to be close enough I could just drive over to watch the sunset.
Thank you for linking up! Sorry I have been so absent from you blog! So behind.


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