Monday, December 3, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About: November 2012

November was a great month.  The act of taking the time every single day to name something to be thankful for is it's own kind of gift.  And being able to do it without a second thought for 30 days is truly a blessing.  I don't ever need to be reminded of how blessed I am but I did love counting the blessings one by one in November.  Here are ten of my favorites.
Racing the sunset while the Princess took photos with my phone all the way to the water.  We had a chance to do this two or three times and we were never disappointed.


The first days of red cups at Starbucks and peppermint mochas.  Call me shallow.  It's OK.  They make me smile every.single.time.


The Princess aka Bob being recognized as the speediest Ninja at the end of season soccer party.



Celebrating twelve years of happily ever after with Mr. Montoya ~xoxo


Several peaceful, easy mornings at home.


Watching my baby boy turn into something other than a baby and loving him even more as he grows.  He is so very responsible and such a kind soul.  It is such a pleasure to see him taking on new challenges in the world AND helping his Dad with yard work.



A fun day with our cousins.  I call them the Fearless Five.


A five day weekend to relax, decorate and get a head start on the holidays.It is a blessing to be READY for Christmas before Christmas.


Ordering, receiving, addressing and stamping our Christmas cards.  Woo hoo!


. . . and having helpers was a treat, too!



Many blessings to you and your family in the season of love and giving.  We are so thankful for the month that just passed and wait with joyful anticipation to celebrate the birth of Jesus.










Emmy said...

Wonderful list as always! Those sunset pictures are beautiful! How fun that you chased it! And your Christmas card is beautiful! I know as I got mine in the mail the other day. Thank you! I still have to order mine.

And how nice that your son is old enough to truly help with yard work.

Thanks so much for linking up.

Dabalack Family said...

Such a great month!!!! your 30 days of thankfulness and especially love the fearless five!!!


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