Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: Part 2

The thankulness exercise is so good for my heart.  The intentional process of recounting blessings and forcing myself to document them even on the hairiest of Monday mornings really sets a tone.  There is an awful lot in the world of Montoya to be thankful for.  More than I will ever be able to document.

30 Days of Thankful: 2012
Days 11 through 20

Day 11:
Today I am thankful for all of our Veterans and the troops and their families who currently serve the greatest nation in the world. THANK YOU for your sacrifices.

Day 12:
Today I am thankful for role models. For every troop leader, coach, teacher and room mom who spends their time to enrich the lives of my children and reinforce positive messages to them. My family never takes for granted any practice, meeting or supply request and we are very, very thankful.

Day 13:
This is a stretch, but I think the point is to remember that the little things we take for granted really aren't little things. So . . . today I am thankful for laundry. A dozen loads a week means that my family always has a warm jacket, clean socks or the jersey they need for that day. I need to remember that we are truly blessed to have closets full and stacks to put away.

Day 14:
Today I am thankful for the upside of social media. The world is definitely overexposed to "reality" but I am thankful for being able to stay connected with friends and family that I might otherwise lose touch with. Posting photos of my kids to the blog, keeping up with childhood friends on Instagram and, of course, the reach of Facebook. I really am thankful for the good that comes from being connected.

Day 15:
Today I am very thankful that I have the flexibility to work from home sometimes. Being able to drop off the kids in sweats and not sitting in traffic for an hour is a MAJOR gift.

Day 16:
Today I am extremely thankful for my baby girl. She is the wildest, loveliest, most interesting mix of E & me and impresses me every single day with who she is. She's a brilliant student, a singer, a crazy fast runner and super soccer forward, true lover of animals and candy and just the coolest little chick I know. I am so thankful that God gave me the gift of her knowing what was just right for our family.

Day 17:
Today I am fully and truly grateful for family. The rowdy cousins, the aunts that are so straightforward that you can't even respond, the uncles who sleep in the recliner after they eat, the grandparents who retell stories time and again and all the little babies. I can not imagine my life without all of these people, both past and present, and am so very grateful that I've not ever had to try and navigate the world alone. Thank the Lord for the sweet gift of family.

Day 18:
I am forever and genuinely thankful for my marriage. It is not perfect, and neither are the people in it, but it's the real deal. Some days are unimagineably happy and some are downright rotten, but they're OUR days and we are committed for better or for worse. Happy Anniversary, Mr. Montoya. You are responsible for the very best days of my life and I adore you and those precious kids of ours above everything else I know. Thank you for the first 12 years of my happily ever after ♥
Day 19:
Today I am thankful that God has always watched over me and protected me from any true harm. It's nothing short of a miracle that Camille and I were never thrown in jail or seriously injured. The memories are funny, but the thankfulness is deep and true. I am blessed to have never felt any serious consequences to my antics and grateful to have the opportunity to share that history with old friends and keep moving in the world to make a positive difference.

Day 20:
Today I am thankful for enough. We always have enough food, enough gas to get where we're going and laughter & love to sustain us every single day. My family wants for absolutely nothing and that will always be enough for me.

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