Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ten Things: June 2012

We're halfway through the year and nothing seems to stop the time that is marching across the lawn, through the house and down the street - leaving these adolescent children and more than middle aged adults in it's wake.  I just can't even stand how quickly time is passing in life and with my family.  In all honesty, I don't have many reasons not to smile but counting ten each month is always a gift to me.

Emmy Mom posts on the last Tuesday of every month.  I needed another week to accept that all of June is gone.


A star performance by Officer #1 in the fourth grade play "Blame it on the Wolf"

Celebrating the end of first grade with the year-end luau.  They enjoyed sack races, limbo and balloon toss.  There are so many sweet little faces from first grade and we will miss Ms.Stigall.

My cousin (in-law) and bestie.  I love our chats in the car, our lunches and raising our kids together.  I feel truly blessed to have her.

Play dates, sleepovers and little girls with baby dolls

Family and friends who give their time and talent freely and love unconditionally

Healthy cousins who play{lots of } sports and cheer for each other

A quiet day at home and the beach celebrating Father's Day.

Tangible recognition for working too hard and a little dough for the road!

Eight years of being Mama to her.


** Italy deserves it's own post, but I am still smiling.

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Emmy said...

Yea! Wonderful list! And yes I want to hear all about Italy. I bet your son did great. Love the picture of the two of you together. My daughter- unknown to her yet is going to get her first American Doll this year.
Thanks so much for linking up!


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