Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About

As my youngest child tells me every day - she will be eight in 27 days.  Last week it was 34 days and on it goes . . . Time is marching on and on.  As is tradition, I'm linking with Emmy for this month's ten things to smile about.

Ten Things to Smile About in May

A wonderful Mother's Day with E and my babies and enjoying time with family

Caramel drizzle coffee

The Princess running in her first track meet.  Healthy, energetic kids are truly a gift.  And so is a family that cheers loud, smiles big and buys snow cones.

Lunch with my bestie, an hour by the pool with one girlfriend and endless hours at the baseball field with others. Girlfriend time is one of my favorite things in any month.

These two boys matching jerseys and hats

Annual spirit week at school.  Any week that starts with crazy hair day and ends with a carnival is bound to be good.

The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

The Athlete's first all star tournament of the summer.  He was nominated and voted for by coaches of every regular season team in his league.  It's an honor he truly deserves.

Reorganizing some priorities and being able to see The Princess "bridge" from Daisies to Brownies

Making plans with E for our summer getaway to Italy

You can see Emmy and her friends favorite things from May, too.  Don't forget to count your blessings


Dabalack Family said...

Ahhhh... just love that Miss Montoya has found her passion, just love that big smile on her face!!! Who knew it would have soo much running involved. Big hugs to you and the family!!! Love you!!

Emmy said...

Okay Sorry if this is a repeat comment- have no idea if it posted or not.

Anyway- yea!! Thanks so much for playing along as you always do (I added your link by the way).
Congrats to the Athlete- so awesome and yes he should be recognized he seems like truly such a good kid.

And love love their crazy hair! Girls time really is so good.

I hope you have a great summer.


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