Monday, May 28, 2012


All weekend long we've been watching our kids shine in soccer and baseball.

The Princess scored two goals in soccer on Saturday to help her team to a 6-0 win. She is sassy and intense and we love her for her spunk.

Her brother is playing game five in a weekend baseball tournament for his All Star team. They won three of their first four games and are feeling their way around each other as they become a team for tournament play.

We haven't been home for anything other than a little sleep since Friday night and as I hauled the cooler and the chairs out the door again this morning I felt like a huge sacrifice to give up another day.

How selfish of me. I know there are families who have at least one parent serving who may have never seen one game of their children's seasons. Or families who have lost a parent who never will see their children make all stars.

Those families won't ever see this either but they deserve to be remembered. To all of those who serve and sacrifice in ways that I can never even dream of . . . Thank you. We are thankful for your service.

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