Friday, February 3, 2012

Ten Things: January 2012

A new year full of new and wonderful things.  The wonderful things definitely aren't new.  They all live here.  That's reason enough to smile every month of the year.

Ten Things to Smile About: January 2012

My super cute girl sporting straw hair

Starting a new job and LOVING it.
Not lying in bed every morning wondering how to get out of going to work is truly a reason to smile.

An unexpected weekend night with E.  Every movie is better when it's impromptu.

Basketball season

A fresh clean house and a new study spot for my sweet students

Unseasonably warm, sunny winter days

Enjoying a deluxe mani/pedi thanks to a Christmas gift certificate.  THANKS, Mom!

A fun post-holiday outing to the USS Midway

A great night out with long time friends. It's been almost fifteen years since we worked together and it was so fun to catch up and have some laughs together.

My star student being recognized for his wonderful manners

On to February . . .

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Emmy said...

Oh I haven't gone to the Midway yet- I think Lucas would like it but Alex would "get bored". And yes, isn't this weather heavenly! What movie did you see?
Thanks so much for linking up!

Tooje said...

New job!!!! Yea! I am happy for you. You always sounded so stressed, so hopefully this change will be fantastic.

jules said...

Hooray for a new job, awesome weather and mani/pedis!

Kim said...

Congrats on the new job! Hope you February has been great too!


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