Thursday, January 26, 2012

Don't cry for me

This weekend my Mom will attend her fourth funeral in as many weeks. Four long time family friends who have left the earth She is wearing a brave face, but I know it hurts her. While I hurt for the loved ones they are leaving behind, and mostly for my Mama losing people dear to her, I cannot be dishonest and say that I am crushed. I may not have seen even one of those four in the last fifteen years. Each of them holds a place in my heart for when they were in my life, once upon a time, but I will not pretend to be mourning them as they were before they left.

One of them, though . . . One of them gets me a little more than the rest. She was my Mom's friend, but she was actually much closer to my age. In my memories of her she was in her twenties and I was in high school. She was funny and a little wild. She had the most Southern voice in the whole entire south and I loved her laugh.

She was forty five when she died this month and her son is fifteen. That one definitely gets me. I mourn for Drew and pray for his well being. I think of him every day and wonder a little why God chose her. Now.

While my tangible memory of her is mostly as a wildish twenty something my admiration for her is built on the battle she fought with leukemia. Very fast and very intense. She was on vacation with her family in August and came home more tired than usual. Um, hello. Have you ever been on a family vacation? Of course she was tired. But it was more than that.

She was diagnosed with leukemia in August and died just five months later. In those five months I followed her posts on Facebook and read her journal on CaringBridge.

Sheryl was not afraid to die and does not want anyone to mourn her. I am not that selfless just yet. My Mom shared a video of the most Southern voice in the whole south ministering to her husband's congregation on Mother's Day. That woman does not want me, or anyone else, to cry for her. She was confident and selfless because she knew with certainty that she was not alone. What a gift.

Are You Flourishing?

I'm not sad for her anymore, but I am worried about Drew. I hope he was listening when his Mama was talking and can take advantage of the foundation she gave him.

Rest your soul, sweet girl. Much love to you.

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Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This is so sad. It is horrible when someone so incredible is taken too soon, but even worse when they leave behind a young person that needs them. My brother lost his mother when he was 21 and it is really important for him to have strong female role models there to guide him. He's going to need it even if he tells you he doesn't. Thoughts to your family...


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