Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ten Things

ven when I have fallen off the blog wagon (much like now) I try to make sure I take time for Ten Things.  Emmy hosts at the end of every month and it's a great opportunity to remember what the top reasons to smile were that month.  Thank you, Emmy, for keeping me on track and helping me remember that there's always a reason to smile.

JULY 2010

Pedicures and ice cream on Girls' Days with MY girl

Creamy white blossoms on the magnolia tree out back

An easy, family filled celebration for the 4th of July.
Good food, good times -- lots of fun!!

My body reminding me that I can't take care of anything else if I don't take care of myself first

Watching a movie on the patio with E and making our own date night at home

Colleagues like Tracy, Shannon, Lynn and Alexis that are really just great friends that I happened to meet at work

Taking some time to enjoy being a Mom to my wild and wacky two and remembering what a special blessing they are to me

E's parents always being there and offering us sanity in an otherwise truly insane time in our lives

My sweet husband confirming travel plans for our tenth anniversary trip to Maui

An all expense paid trip to a world class destination and still thinking that there's no place as beautiful and charming as my own home


Tooje said...

Happy your kids are keeping you happy.
But I'm still jealous.

shortmama said...

Pedicures and ice cream sound divine right now!

tori said...

I think everything on your list is awesome but oh how I would love a magnolia tree of my very own!

He & Me + 3 said...

WElcome back. Hubs and I just watched two movies together and it was so great. I enjoyed that too.
Hooray for pedicures.

Emmy said...

I always think about you near the end of the month as you were the first to do the lists with me. I totally understand the not being able to take care of others one. I was starting to lose some of milk supply as I was taking such poor care of myself for a bit there. But I am committed and taking the time now.

So jealous about Hawaii! It will be ten Yeats for us next June... Maybe I will have to start dropping hints. :)

I've missed your posts, glad this got you back, for one day at least :)

mintifresh said...

I'm sooo jealous of Maui! Fun! Love the pics of your kids! So cute!

Thanks, for stopping by:)

Lourie said...

What a great list! I would love a trip to HI! I think I will have to hint to the hubby! We are creeping up to 20!

Ashley said...

Your kids are SO CUTE! What a great list!

♥Georgie♥ said...

beautiful family! what a lovely post!

Erin said...

we went to maui for our honeymoon! soooo jealous!

what a great list you have here, and wonderful pics to go with it. what a fun idea for a post!

p.s. thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog about my short story!

Kim said...

I do love this for recappying the month. Thanks for the reminder to do my list. It sounds like you have had a fun but busy July. Have a great August!


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